We are one of the leading importers and exporters in India of surgical equipment. We are proud to have created JK Impex in 2017 to open our new brand factory of Digital Thermometers under the brand HouseMedic™. We are located in Mumbai and we export worldwide and supply the local market too.

Our Product

About Us

We are a new generation manufacturer of Digital Thermometers in India. We´re engaged in offering the best quality product at a competitive price, as our Quality Control system is very accurate.

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We manufacture our own brand of digital thermometer.

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The Factory

In our factory, our supply chain process applies the best practices

Our production line is fully equipped with brand new machines and equipment to supply the best quality of Digital Thermometers.

We have specialized skilled engineers, technicians and experienced workforce to ensure that each step of the production process is done properly.

We Manufacture our own brand of digital thermometer
House Medic a guarantee of good quality.

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Our Certificate